Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Loading RAID Drivers to Install Redhat or CentOS

A. Before Installation

- Under DOS/Windows environment

a. Unzip driver disk
X:\PATH\pkunzip.exe =>> driver.img
b. Dump it into a floppy disk.
X:\PATH\rawrite.exe driver.img A:
Tips: You can get rawrite.exe from RedHat installation CD #1
"\dosutils" directory.

- Under Unix enviroment

# unzip
# dd if=driver.img of=/dev/fd0

B. Installation

a. Booting from Installation CDROM #1

b. On "Welcome to Red Hat Linux" installation screen, a prompted lable "boot:"
will appear at the bottom of the screen. According to the prompt, type in
"text(or linux) dd" to tell linux we have a driver disk.

c. You will be asked "Do you have a driver disk?", select "Yes".

d. When prompted "Insert your driver disk and press OK to continue", insert the
driver diskette in the floppy drive and then select "OK".

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